Privacy Statement

When you use our website and request quotations, it it important that you know that we respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal data. In this Privacy Statement we explain what data we collect and process, with what purpose, how we manage your personal data and what your rights are.

1. What personal data do we collect, process and why?

Moving24 collects and uses your personal information to effectively match your request for a quotation with moving companies. We use this personal information for the sole purpose of matching you with moving companies. Your personal information and requirements are provided to third-party contracted partners to allow them to contact you to fulfil your request for quotations.

To provide our service we first explain in more detail how we use your personal information so that the consent you give us, which is detailed in the next paragraph, is fully and fairy informed. You give us consent to use your personal information as outlined in this privacy statement when you manually enter information about yourself on our website and submit it as a request to receive our quote finding service. This consent allows us to use you data as described in this statement of privacy policy. If you do not provide your consent by submitting your details / clicking on submit we will be unable to provide our quote finding service to you. You may seek further information about the scope of the consent as well as vary or withdraw your consent as outlined under the heading “What are your rights?”

We rely on your explicit consent to process your personal data. This means that we ask you to consent to the following use of you data:

  • to transfer the data to a data processor, where required, to enable a range of potential suppliers to be considered for quotation for you.
  • to forward the information that you enter the companies that may provide a quotation for you.
1.1 Quotation request

When you use our service and request free quotations, we require the following personal data:

Personal data Purpose
First name, surname and gender Both us and the moving companies would like to address you personally.
Address and place of residence Our system matches you with moving companies based on your address and place of residence.
Telephone number It is possible that moving companies require additional information about your project prior to sending you a quotation.
Email address Moving companies send their quotations to the provided email address.
IP address To avoid abuse of our service by malicious visitors, we save your IP address.

In order to receive custom quotations, up to 6 selected moving companies receive the above mentioned data, excluding the IP address. All moving companies affiliated with us have agreed to our Terms and Conditions, which states that moving companies may only use your personal data for the sole purpose of providing you with a quotation.

1.2 Reviews and customer satisfaction emails

We are constantly improving our service and website to create the perfect match between consumers and moving companies. After submitting your request for quotations, it is possible that we will send you an email in which we ask for feedback on the following:

Purpose Explanation
Review If you hire a moving company through our website, then both the specialist and/or us can email you after completing the project with the request to write a review. After you have written and submitted the review, it will be visible on our website, for example on the moving company’s profile page, along with your first name. This way, you help other consumers in the selection process.
Customer satisfaction survey If you request quotations through our website, we can email you a customer satisfaction survey. We are eager to know if the request for a quotation helped you in finding the right moving company. Additionally, we are keen to hear about your experience with our service and what our areas of improvement are, according to you.

Do you prefer not to receive these emails? Unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of the email or ask our customer service team to do it for you.

1.3 Customer service

If you have a question, comment or experience a problem with our service, you can email, chat, call, send us a message on Facebook or tweet us. The personal information that you provide in this message, will only be used by us to serve the purpose of helping you.

1.4 Website visit

When you use our website, we place cookies on your computer. Cookies enables our website to work as optimally as possible and helps to personalise your online experience by giving us insights to your surfing behaviour on our website. For example, it allows us to see where you click, which search queries you use and the pages you visit. With all these insights, we can constantly improve our website to offer the best experience.

We process this information through third-party tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar.

1.5 Newsletter

You can sign up for our newsletter for inspiration, news and tips about projects in and around your house. Please be aware that this is something you have to do manually, as we do not automatically add you to the mailing list after requesting quotations. For our newsletter, we need the following personal information:

Personal information Purpose
Name We would like to address you personally.
Email address We send the newsletter to the email address provided by you.

Do you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter? Click the link at the bottom of the newsletter or ask our customer service team to do it for you.

2. Who has access to your personal data?

We only share your data with third-parties for the sole purpose of providing you with the services that you are in search for. Your personal information and requirements are provided to third-party partners to allow them to contact you to fulfil your request for quotations. These third-parties include: moving companies and IT services. These parties are only allowed to use your personal data to provide a service in relation to the quotations you requested through our website, and not for any other purpose.

We also work with third-parties, such as data-management platforms, that help us improve your experience on the website. We have communicated with these third-parties that we want to process your data anonymously. We also have a data processing agreement in which it is stated that your personal data is only to be used to analyse our website and not for any other purpose.

Some cookie developers have access to the data that the cookies collect on our website. That is why we are selective in choosing which third-party integrations we allow on our websites. You can find more information about this in our cookie statement, as well as the privacy statement of these parties.

We do not disclose the data provided above to other (commercial) parties, unless this is required by law or legally permitted. For example, we are required, by law, to share your personal data with the authorities in the case of fraudulent activity or suspicious events.

3. How long do we keep your personal data?

We will only retain your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected it for. In some circumstances, we delete your personal data or we pseudonymise it (so that it can no longer be traced back to you) for statistical purposes, in which case we may use this information indefinitely without further notice to you.

Overview of the retention periods of your personal data:

Purpose Explanation
Quotation request All personal data (see 1.1) you submit when requesting quotations are kept for two years. We retain the data for this length of time, because there are projects that are due to take place outside of a year. After two years, we pseudonymise your personal data.
Review When you submit a review (see 1.2), this is displayed online for as long as the website or the company profile is available online. The reviews help other consumers in the selection process.
Website visit The logs with IP addresses are deleted after thirty (30) days.
Newsletter If you signed up for the newsletter (see 1.5), we retain your personal data until you unsubscribe from the newsletter.

4. What are your rights?

You are in charge of your own personal data. You can, at any moment, request an inspection, adjustment or deletion of your personal data. Let us know by email or post and we will manage your request as soon as possible.

E-mail: [email protected]

Adres: Godebaldkwartier 371, 3511 DT Utrecht, The Netherlands

Should you have any complaints with regards to the processing of your personal data, we are happy to help. Should you have any complaints, you have the right to make a complaint to the supervisory authority for data protection issues. Please note, however, that we would appreciate the chance to deal with your complaints or concerns before you approach the authority so please contact us with any queries.

5. Where is my data stored?

We take, both internal and external, appropriate technical and organisational security measures to ensure the security of your personal data. For example, we store your data in different databases in the European Union. In the exceptional case where your personal data is passed on to countries outside of the European Union, we make sure that your privacy is protected in an appropriate manner. Some countries have established privacy legislation based on the European Union. Some American parties are registered under the Privacy Shield, which provides sufficient security measures.

6. Does this privacy statement apply to third-parties we cooperate with?

This privacy statement only includes and not any other third-party website that shows an affiliation or link to our website. If you visit another website via our website, for example the website of a moving company, this privacy statement does not apply to their website. We advise you to carefully read the privacy statement of that particular website.

7. Who is responsible for your data?

Moving24, is the controller and responsible for your personal data (often referred to as, “we”, “us” or “our” in this Privacy Statement). Moving24 is owned and powered by SkyDreams B.V.

Address: Godebaldkwartier 371, 3511 DT Utrecht, The Netherlands

E-mail: [email protected]

Company Number: 24330161
VAT Number: NL 8201.56.188.B.01

8. Changes to this Privacy Statement

We occasionally update this Privacy Statement. Therefore, we advise you to read the Privacy Statement when utilising our service in order to be informed of how we protect your information.

This privacy statement was last updated on 6 Oct 2021.